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The Grandmaster''s GM Blue courses without hostel

 If you want to opt any course at The Grandmaster's that doesn't require hostel facility then here are the relevant information,

1. Where is my coaching facility?

Well, at this moment we have only one facility at NOP,Doranda, Ranchi, Jharkhand. We hope to add more in coming years.

2. What kind of courses are being offered at this coaching facility?

We are offering courses for class IX, X , XI and XII and XII Passout students, in both the science streams PCM and PCB. 

3. Do you have permanent teachers?

We have experts both permanent and visiting. Some are simply not affordable by any coaching institute so we have offered respect and friendship to associate for the best in favor of students. Others are good to go with us, so we hired them.

4. What are the course fees?

The admissions are provided on the basis of admission tests designed to provide big amounts as scholarships. So, you are requested to provide your whatsapp number so that we can send you the fee break up.  


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